Drinking water is healthy


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Build Your Bottle

A trendy bottle makes drinking water cool

Their very own bottle, filled with fresh water to help quench their thirst. Is there really anything better you can give your child? Children between the ages of 10 and 12 drink on average five sugary drinks a day. That’s about 25 sugar cubes!

A good way to combat this is to make drinking water more attractive; with a coloured bottle with its very own distinctive design printed on the side. Children can also take milk with them to school in their bottle.

Order for the whole school

Encourage drinking water at school and order colourful and trendy printed bottles for the whole class or school. Schedule regular times throughout the day to drink water and educate parents and children about sugary drinks. Regularly drinking water helps protect children against obesity, so it’s really worthwhile!

Why doesn’t tap water tastes of chlorine in the Netherlands?
02 June 2016

Why doesn’t tap water tastes of chlorine in the Netherlands?

Every Dutchman in New York or London, notices that tap water over there has a taste of chlorine. It is like taking a drink from the pool. In many countries chlorine is added to drinking water to neutralize harmful substances and to kill bacteria. That should prevent disease outbreaks from contaminated water.

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